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Company Overview

Systematics is a leading distributor and integrator of IT solutions in the Israeli market. We work with renowned international vendors to provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions and assist them in harnessing these technologies to improve customer productivity and competitiveness.

Systematics markets, implements, and supports mission-critical IT solutions in the Israeli market.

The company represents world-leading vendors in Israel, with solutions that include:
• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Computer Aided Design (CAD)
• Technical Computing & Model-based Design
• Product Lifecycle Management and Collaboration Systems

Systematics’ solutions are implemented for customers by company experts, using advanced methodologies that provide accelerated implementation and measureable improvements in organizational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Support, service, marketing, and training for thousands of customers are provided via a computerized call center staffed by a team of product and technology experts. Professional seminars and newsletters, online support resources, a rich and varied program of courses, and consulting services are all available to help meet diverse customer needs.

Systematics serves over 2500 customers from all sectors of the Israeli economy. Among these customers are organizations from industry, from the governmental and public sectors, from the defense, finance, and commercial enterprises, and from educational institutions.

Founded in 1979, Systematics is privately held, located in Tel Aviv, and employs over 100 people in various fields of expertise. The company is certified according to the ISO 9000-3:1997 and ISO 9001:2000 standards.

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Systematics Limited
4 Raoul Wallenberg Street
Tel Aviv 69719
Tel: +(972)-3-7660111
Fax: +(972)-3-7660120
Email: info@systematics.co.il