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Company Overview

Systematics promotes organizational effectiveness and efficiency by marketing
innovative computing technologies and implementing them in advanced work processes.

Technologies marketed, distributed, and supported by Systematics include:

• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Computer-aided design and product lifecycle management systems
   (3D CAD/PLM)
• Tools for technical and scientific computing (model-based design)
• Three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies

Our company experts actualize computing solutions for you, customizing them where required, integrating them into your workflow, and providing full support. Advanced methodologies ensure brief implementation time and measurable improvements in organizational efficiency and competitiveness.

Service, marketing, and training personnel support thousands of customers. A wide range of courses and training sessions, advice and guidance services are tailored to the customer’s needs. A computerized service center is staffed by teams of experts. Seminars, newsletter updates, and professional network support sites are part of the all-encompassing support network.

Systematics’ solutions serve more than 3,500 organizations in the Israeli market. Customers include institutions from the worlds of industry, government, public sector, military, finance, commerce, and academic institutions.

Systematics has been providing top-quality solutions and services since 1979. The company employs over 130 employees in different areas of specialization. Its offices are located in Tel Aviv.

The company is accredited for ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9000-3: 1997 standards.


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Systematics Limited
4 Raoul Wallenberg Street
Tel Aviv 69719
Tel: +(972)-3-7660111
Fax: +(972)-3-7660120
Email: info@systematics.co.il