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Systematics promotes the effectiveness and efficiency of the innovation process in organizations by marketing computing technologies and implementing them in the most advanced work processes.

Systematics' solutions in the field of desktop 3D printing enable the design and production of models, prototypes, and physical imaging in an environment that integrates 3D printers and software solutions made by MARKFORGED, MakerBot, and Formlabs. These printers enable a real time prototyping process, which allows the development of products that meet the needs of the market within shorter time schedules, while saving resources.

Systematics provides comprehensive solutions that integrate leading printers, advanced materials, printing and design software, parts and information databases, professional training sessions and seminars, and technical support from company experts.

Systematics represents world leader companies in Israel

MakerBot is a world leader in the field of desktop 3D printing, with the Replicator printer series, popular in Israel and around the world. MakerBot's 3D printers are used by industry leaders around the world and in Israel including engineers, designers, architects, educators, and home users.

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Formlabs is the world leader in the field of desktop SLA printers, with Form 1+ and Form 2 printers. These printers enable the creation of highly accurate models and prototypes, and are used by many clients in Israel and around the world in the fields of engineering, various types of design, art, architecture, medicine, and education.

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MARKFORGED is a world leading desktop 3D printer, and the only printer in the field of composite 3D printing, which enables the development and production of mechanical prototypes as well as add-ons in the production process (Gigs), spare parts, and devices.

MarkOne, made by MARKFORGED, is used by leading companies and organizations worldwide in the field of aerodynamics, automotive, medical equipment, consumer goods, heavy industry, and more…

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