About 3D CAD/PLM

Systematics’ solutions in the field of 3D mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems are based on technologies from Dassault Systèmes, the leading company in Israel and world-wide.

Dassault Systèmes’ solutions are at the forefront of today's technology, and Dassault provides solutions that integrate both customer sites (on-premise) and cloud computing services.

SOLIDWORKS for mechanical design (3D CAD) is the most widely used system in Israel and worldwide. The system is very easy to learn and use, and offers advanced design capabilities and a range of complementary solutions for analysis, data management, documentation, and more (the Total Design approach).

CATIA is the world's most advanced and best-selling tool for complex mechanical design. The system is used extensively in the aviation, defense, automotive, and industrial equipment industries.

ENOVIA provides an innovative solution for product life-cycle management (PLM). The ENOVIA system serves as a unified repository of available and collaborative information for managing the processes of requirements definitions, product development, production, and marketing, through to systems maintenance at the client site. The integrated system fully manages SolidWorks and CATIA software via a tightly integrated and user-friendly environment.

Systematics' 3D CAD and PLM solutions are installed at more than 2,500 organizations in Israel, including most leading enterprises in industry, in the government and defense sectors, in commercial companies, and in all of Israel’s leading academic institutions.

Systematics' value-added services include full technical support and training, as well as installation services, implementation / customization projects, and the development of custom applications and interfaces.


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