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GIS for Homeland Security

 יום שלישי, 9.5.2017, מלון Crown Plaza, מגדל עזריאלי העגול.
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השימוש בטכנולוגיית ה- GIS ובמיפוי ממוחשב הינם נדבך קריטי בכל מערכת בתחום ה- HLS. בסמינר יוצגו החידושים וכיווני ההתפתחות של הטכנולוגיה.

הסמינר יועבר ע"י מומחי קבוצת ה- Homeland Security של חברת Esri, המובילה העולמית בתחום זה:

Chris Mcintosh – Director Public Safety industries
Francisco Nobre – ENST Public Safety account manager & Partner Coordinator
Richard Gale – ENST Public Safety solution engineer

נושאי הסמינר:

  • סקירת ישומי GIS בתחום ה Homeland Security מהעולם במגוון תחומים
  • סקירת מגוון האפליקציות המוכנות לשימוש עבור תחום ה Homeland Security
  • הצגת כלי BI גיאוגרפי חדש ורב עוצמה לניתוח איומים בטחוניים
  • הצגת יכולות ניהול עיבוד וניתוח של קבצי מידע גיאוגרפי גדולים מאד Big Data
  • הצגת יכולות תלת מימד WebGIS 3D
  • הצגת יכולות Real Time GIS
  • פלטפורמה פתוחה – Open Systems, Open Standards and Open Source Solutions

המרצים בסמינר:


Chris McIntosh leads the Public Safety Industry team at Esri, focusing primarily on emergency management and is responsible for promoting GIS solutions to the public safety community. He has seventeen years of professional experience in emergency management, public health, and government, and has a Masters Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

Before joining Esri, Chris served as the Chief of Operations for the State Emergency Operations Center in Richmond, Virginia, where he directly supervised hundreds of staff and volunteers during crisis response. Following that, Chris assumed the role of the Statewide Interoperable Communications Officer at the Commonwealth of Virginia where he coordinated numerous local, state, and federal communications systems within the state. He concurrently served as a subject matter expert for the Virtual USA program where he applied GIS and other operational and technical best practices to meet the requirements of numerous government information-sharing initiatives.

In 2015, Chris joined Esri to as a domain expert for emergency management. In that role, he leads the Esri Disaster Response Program which provides ArcGIS software and resources during disasters to affected areas. He also leads the Esri Special Events Management Program, which helps jurisdictions deploy GIS staff and resources to safely manage large public gatherings such as sporting events, conventions, and conferences.

ENST Public Safety Account Manager & Partner Coordinator

Francisco Nobre is the European National Security Team Public Safety Account manager, focusing in supporting the European Esri Distributors in the Public Safety market. He as thirty plus years of experience in GIS working the National Security market in the last 10 years. Francisco have a MSc degree in Hydraulics and a BSc in Civil Engineering.

Francisco have a large experience in engaging from National Security customers to major System Integrators.
Francisco has worked previously at CGI and Siemens.

ENST Public Safety Solution Engineer

Richard is an Esri Solution Engineer for the European National Security Team. Richard has a background of implementing GIS for over 11 years. Working in design/best practices, development, implementation, and more recently assisting in the development of the European National Security market from a technical point of view with multi-national organizations “NATO, European Union” and being a trusted technical advisor through the Esri Distributor network.

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 יום רביעי, 9.5.2017, מלון Crown Plaza, מגדל עזריאלי העגול.
סמינר ראשון – בין השעות 8:30-12:00, סמינר שני 13:00-16:30

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