(About Geographic Information Systems (GIS

Systematics’ GIS solutions enable the adding and integration of the spatial dimension in corporate information systems, supporting organizational workflows and enhancing decision making.

The ArcGIS family of products from Esri Inc. offers a wide range of solutions, from off-the-shelf software solutions for mapping professionals to cloud-based enterprise geographic solutions. Esri’s GIS technology, represented by Systematics, is the world leader in this field, allowing input, management, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination of spatial data in the form of maps, aerial photographs, and satellite imagery, combined with alpha-numeric data already stored in customer systems.

Systematics provides support, implementation services and training, as well as guidance, consulting and application development services for using GIS throughout the organization.

Esri's GIS technology provides comprehensive solutions for the management, design, analysis and information sharing related to assets and infrastructure managed by the organization. These solutions incorporate the spatial dimensions, and supply mobile phone solutions for workers/contractors operating in the field as well as solutions applicable to command and control systems, situation rooms, and emergency management systems.

ArcGIS Online (cloud-based GIS), Portal for ArcGIS (private cloud), and many other Esri products connect maps, applications, data, and people, so that customers can quickly make informed decisions. The systems provide the means to discover, use, create, and share maps from any device, anywhere. In addition, it is possible to integrate maps and location-based services in enterprise systems such as BI, CRM, and ERP.

Systematics represents a large number of spatial data suppliers (vector and raster maps, orthophoto, satellite imagery, etc.) and offers processing services and the supply of geographic information from around the world.

Systematics’ solutions have been implemented in Israel in most government ministries, in local authorities, in the military, defense, and homeland security sectors, in communication and infrastructure companies, and in the business sector.


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